The Sandy Ukulele Singers


The Sandy Ukulele Group .


          Our location::

    The town of Sandy is located in Bedfordshire, and is

      nine miles east of the County

      town of Bedford

People ask do we have a dress code?

Yes... anything "bright and colourful"

for the gigs that we do. We believe as a group

wearing these "Bright Colours" does tend to

put over to our audience that we are having

fun. And that's what the Sandy Ukulele Group

is all about.........Having Fun !

Are here to entertain you!


Welcome! Thanks for coming by – we are always happy to get a visit from Ukulele fans and make new friends from around the world. Check out our practice nights, and current news

.     The Sandy Ukulele Group was  formed October 3rd  2011 by an existing member, Sylvia. Since then the group has grown steadily. We are now growing from strength to strength in numbers and have approx. 30 members in the group. We also have a large following on Facebook.

Performances   See our "What's on" page

   We have been working hard on our latest        performance, and invite you to join us on this  journey. Come and be entertained. Be sure to  introduce yourselves afterwards.

                Find Us on Facebook:

     Sandy Ukulele Group.

  We are always looking for new members. The  Group has grown so fast and so quickly in the  last few months and is fast approaching 30  members. We are having to limit the amount of  new beginners. We try to start one or two new  comers every month. The Group are not turning  anybody away but trying to fit people into our  teaching/learning programme.

 If on a Friday night you would like to come  along and have a listen to the group and even  join in the singing.

                 "Please come along."

. Come and meet other ukulele players, make    friends and share the Aloha Spirit.

Our goal and our passion has been to work hard, entertain and  just have fun. We practice every Friday evening 7pm- 9pm at the Baptist Church Hall, Bedford Road, (at the roundabout) Sandy Bedfordshire.

 More More Information    

Email : Sandyukulelegroup1@ (Without space after @)