Playing a gig at Esquires Bedford

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Hello! and welcome to the Sandy Ukulele website. We always have a warm welcome for fellow Ukulele players from near and far. From beginners to more experienced players and those who might like to "give it a go". You are more than welcome. Be warned though the ukulele bug is highly contagious!!

In 2011 Sylvia, an existing member started the group with about 5 members in the basement of a shop. From those humble beginnings we have grown! And grown in a great way. Check out our REVIEW page above to see what folks have said about us.

The first principle of SUGS is "fun" and we have that in bucket loads. It's a real privilege to be able to perform to audiences and we try and put on a good show. It's fantastic when you see an audience singing along and really enjoying themselves.

We have done many concerts, ranging from music festivals, churches, working men's clubs and even in a large supermarket during opening hours. As you can see quite a variety. We have many requests for our services but unfortunately we just cant fit them all in and the requests far exceed what we can actually do. We must be doing something right! To see what were doing and maybe come along and watch us check out our WHAT'S ON page above. 

We play a lot of different styles of music and they range from the 50’s 60’s 70’s and some reasonably modern stuff. The vast majority of our audiences will instantly know our songs and be able to sing along.

Our gigs are more like Karaoke concerts as we encourage and expect our audiences to sing along. It's the law!

For a Sneak Peak of SUGS in action check us out on YouTube


Andy Eastwood, At USGB  Welwyn April 2018

Brian demonstrating his uku to a keen audience member

     Where To Find Us

The town of Sandy is located in Bedfordshire and is nine miles from Bedford town centre. Plenty of parking on a Friday evening. Park in the free co-op car park and follow those folk carrying ukuleles.

Are the figures in the crest below playing ukuleles?

 Come along and   bring your ukulele,  if  you have one, or just   listen. I would be very    surprised if you   could get through   our Friday evening   session without   singing. It's very infectious and you'll be made to feel very welcome. If you don't want to play ukulele but love singing we are always looking for people to join the SUGS choir, who are very much part of the overall group sound.  

Fancy joining us?

 Then check out the JOINING THE GROUP page above. We look forward to welcoming you.

    "Members of the SUGS Choir" actually mid song and looking as though they're enjoying themselves. I think we should put a stop to all that!

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